Drivers need to be recognized for all the sacrifices that make daily to provide the rest of us what we need daily. West Side Transport offers just that with our truck driver awards that recognizes the drivers who go above and beyond and do an excellent job of representing West Side Transport. The truck driver awards are not only meant to recognize the drivers, but to also give thanks to the driver and their families for everything they do.

The West Side Transport Gala

Every year West Side Transport hosts an truck driver awards Gala that is dedicated to the employees of West Side Transport.

West Side Transport foots the bill for manicures/pedicures, hotel, breakfast, dinner, awards, live entertainment and grand prizes throughout the entire Gala event. Gold Service Awards, Years of Service, Safe Million Mile, Driver Mentor of the Year, Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year.

Gold Service Awards

To recognize drivers for outstanding customer service and 100% on-time deliveries over the course of the year.

The Million Mile/Safe Driving Awards

The Million Mile Safe Driving award at West Side Transport is to honor drivers who have provided at least 1 million safe and accident-free miles.  The amount of dedication and professionalism it takes to achieve this goal is to be commended. West Side Transport begins honoring our safe drivers at the 500,000-mile goal with a company jacket and continues to honor our drivers at the 1, 2, 3 and 4 million mile marks. We are proud of the drivers who have attained this remarkable goal!

For home daily drivers, the same awards are presented after achieving 3 Years, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. We are proud of the drivers who have attained these achievements and ask that all of you strive to do the same.

Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month is selected from the nominees submitted from each department in the company. The criteria to receive Driver of the Month are: minimum of 1 year employment at West Side Transport, 100 % on-time delivery, no load refusals, compliant on all fuel stops, no intentional loss of productivity, no preventable accidents/incidents, no speed gauge verbal warnings, no safety violations for the month, paperwork scanned on time, be dependable and have a positive attitude.

Outstanding Driver of the Year

Driver of the year is chosen from the 24 driver of the month nominees.

2018 Driver of the Year!
The West Side Transport Gala
Dress to Impress


Dog Rider Policy

We are a dog-friendly trucking company. West Side believes having a dog riding with you in your truck will result in a healthier and happier you! We don't want you to miss out on quality time with your best friend. Have your dog ride with you or heck, why don't you have two?

West Side Transport allows two dogs per driver!

Woof, Woof, Ruuufff, Ruf West Side Transport LOVES Dogs

Dogs Welcome!


West Side Driver App

Innovation: with our West Side Transport Driver App is exactly what you get.

The West Side Transport driver app allows drivers disconnect from the truck and still receive everything they would while they are on duty or off duty.

West Side Transport App - AppleWest Side Transport App - Google

Here is just a brief list of what the West Side Transport driver app can do.

• Scan Documents - all from the comforts of your truck or home.

 Receiving Loads - receiving all load assignments along with all load information from your phone.

• Payroll - View your gross pay, net pay and your actual cents per mile.

• Weather - view 7 day forecast in your area or any area you are going to.

• Driver Referral - Earn extra money on referring drivers to West Side Transport

• Driver Help Videos - videos that help with daily tasks. Every One Needs Support…

• Cat Scales - weigh my truck



Providing reliable and safe equipment

Reliable truck driver equipment provides the means to provide for and support you and your family. The investment in technology in the equipment provides at home comfortability, increases productivity while also protecting the driver.  We continue to invest yearly in recycling our older equipment with brand new truck driver equipment. 

Truck Driver Equipment Highlights

• 74% of our tractors are automatic transmissions.
• Operate Freightliner Cascadia's and International Pro-Stars.
• Run Cummins ISX, Detroit DD-13 All Dual-Axle Tandems.
• All sleeper trucks equipped with electric APU and 1500w inverters.
• All trucks are equipped with rollover protection and collision avoidance systems.
• 300 New Trailers with tire auto inflate. All new trailers going forward is to be fitted with this option.
• Opti Idle with bunk heaters/AC units.
• Qualcomm ELDS with optional GPS.

Mechanics always have you covered!

• PM’s are done on time and all repairs completed. Less waiting. Less unscheduled downtime. More driving time.
• 24/7 in-house breakdown support to help you with any issue.
• All mechanics are properly trained and certified.

It's all about the comfort - APU's
Of course, you want to be comfortable and so do we when you are away from home. That is why West Side Transport invested in making sure all sleeper trucks were equipped with electric APU's. This will keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer while still keeping you low on idle.

Ask anyone - Automatics are the future!
A majority of our truck driver equipment is automatic transmissions. The automatic trucks have come a long way in the last ten to fifteen years since constantly breaking down. Ask any of our drivers and they will tell you firsthand how they love automatics compared to the manual transmissions.

Sleeper Tractors


Day Cabs



West Side Transport offers full coverage medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans for all full-time employees. We have multiple selections for truck driver benefits that will fit you and your family needs.

Medical Plan

Coverage is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Truck driver benefits coverage is offered to the employee, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) and employee + family. Each one of these options has available a basic PPO plan, premium PPO plan, and an HSA account.

Dental Plan

Coverage is provided by Delta Dental. Dental truck driver benefits are very similar to our medical benefits. Coverage is to the employee, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) and employee + family.

Vision Plan

Offered through EyeMed. Vision truck driver benefits are offered to the employee, employee + spouse and employee + family.

Life Insurance

West Side Transport offers a free $25,000 in life insurance coverage. Any additional coverage would need to be added to your plan.


Heartland Retirement Plan Services. West Side Transport matches half a percent of every one percent you contribute up to 6%.

We are here to help you!




Referral Bonus is paid out in the following increments:
1) $500.00 after the referred driver successfully delivers their first load and scans the proof of delivery to the payroll department.
2) $500.00 after the referred driver has been at West Side for two months.
3) $1,000.00 after the referred driver has been here six months.
**BOTH Drivers must be actively employed at the time the BONUS is paid

For specific information call a West Side Transport recruiter (800-677-5627) or email

Referral = $2,000!




Call a West Side Transport recruiter at 800-677-5627 or email